5 DIY steps for pool pump maintenance & pool care this summer

5 DIY steps for pool pump maintenance & pool care this summer

Nothing spells a perfect summer day than spending hours swimming in your backyard pool with family or friends. With kids giggling and happily playing in the water, adults lying on sunloungers while sipping on mimosas and the smell of braaing and the sound of music filling the air, this is what summer is all about. 

But this beautiful experience is only attainable throughout the season if your pool pump is working well and your pool is sparkling clean and well maintained; a daunting exercise to think of. 

In this blog, we will share some easy tips on how to keep your pool blue and inviting this summer

Different strokes for different folks

The care and maintenance requirements for your pool and pump will not only depend on its shape size and type but whether your pool uses added chlorine or a salt chlorinator. Each type has its unique requirements. We recommend that you contact pool professionals to find out the suitable steps for cleaning and maintaining your pool water.

Throughout summer, run some basic maintenance checks on a weekly basis but realise that some of the pool care and maintenance activities will need to be done more often. In case you are saying to yourself, “That’s too much work,”  the process is pretty simple. All you have to do is water surface skimming, brushing and vacuuming, a chemical balance check and shocking with chlorine. If you are a DIY lover, this will be a no-brainer! 

Tip #1 – Skimming

The moment that you have debris in your pool, you should clean it out with a pool net/leaf catcher. Avoid putting this off. The skimmer basket in your weir will also collect debris as well as the second basket in your pool pump system. These need to be cleaned out weekly to avoid clogging your pumping system and affecting the water circulation.  

5 DIY steps for pool pump maintenance & pool care this summer

Tip #2 -Pool filter care

The function of pool filters is to remove any impurities in the water; this includes leaves and grime. At least once a week, switch the pool pump off, switch to ‘Backwash’ and run the pool pump for 30-40 seconds. Then switch the pump off again and turn the filter selector to ‘Rinse’ for 15-20 seconds to loosen and clean out extra dirt in the filter sand and pipework. Always switch the pump off between every filter selection to avoid the seal inside the filter selector twisting or moving out of place.

Tip #3 -Testing 

If you use your pool often, chances of a chemical imbalance are increased due to all the chemicals on swimmers’ bodies eg. sunscreens etc. Depending on your findings when you test the water, you may need to alter the pH levels. If the pH is at 7.8 and above, you will need to add acid and if it’s below 6.8, you will need to add soda ash. The ideal pH level for your pool is between 7.2 and 7.6.

5 DIY steps for pool pump maintenance & pool care this summer

Tip #4 -Brush & Vacuum

As is with testing,  brushing and vacuuming your pool needs to happen on a regular basis as dust and dirt will make your pool uninviting. (The pool needs to be vacuumed either manually or with an automatic pool cleaner). An algae brush will also come in handy to rid the pool’s sides of algae where it has built up over time. 

Tip #5 -Shocking

Lastly, contrary to the popular practice of shocking your pool only at the beginning or end of the season, it’s something that should be done as soon as you see the pool water becoming slightly green. This can quickly happen after thunderstorms. Always correct the pH before shocking concentrated chlorine.  

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