A note from your Irrigation Supplier – A spring garden DIY irrigation set up

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Irrigation suppliers in South Africa are currently making sure that they are well-stocked for Spring, a time when mother nature blossoms and all the plants that become dormant during the cold winter suddenly ‘spring’ forth from the ground! 

As our gardens slowly recover after a bleak wintry season, green-fingered gardeners are keen to partner with nature and get their irrigation systems up and sprinkling. 

What a ‘re-leaf,’ it’s finally spring!

You have probably caught yourself google searching “irrigation suppliers near me,” daydreaming about how lush, relaxing and breathtaking your ornamental spring garden will look with a little more water! It’s been a long year, and it is understandable to want a vibrant and verdant garden this spring as a therapeutic symbol of renewed hope and rebirth.

Anyone with a large garden, who has manually watered all the plants to ensure that they receive adequate water, dreams of an automated irrigation system. Although the decision to install an irrigation system does involve an initial financial outlay, in the long run, it proves to be an investment – saving you time, water and energy. (No more footslogging as you move your garden hose or water buckets from one point to another).

‘Because every drop counts’

An irrigation system actually conserves water by watering plants directly to the roots. Additionally, you can automate the system so that it only waters at specific times. The best systems for DIY installations include Pop-up Sprinklers, Shrub Sprayers & Drip Irrigation.

Steps to set up your Spring garden DIY irrigation system: 

  1. Plan, plan and plan! Do your homework and due diligence research on brands and warranties. 
  2. Decide where you will buy your irrigation kits and individual components. At Waterware, we stock internationally trusted, quality and durable products from Rain Bird, Azud, and  Polyware.
  3. Measure the dimensions of your garden and design your own irrigation system using your garden’s plan. Make a note of all the features including trees, soil type, your various plants’ water needs, as well as elevated and dipped ground areas. Ensure that the distance between sprinklers is half the diameter they spray. (Rule of thumb: Clay soil will require about  2l/h(Litres Per Hour) drippers, loam soil- 4l/h dripper and sandy soil-8l/h drippers).
  4. Assess your water pressure by using a pressure gauge to determine the water pressure of your outdoor faucet. Take this information, together with the design of your spring garden and property layout, to any Waterware store. As your selected South African irrigation supplier, one of our assistants will assist you with suitable recommendations for what to buy. 

(Tip: The quantity of microjets and/or pop-ups essential for your project is dependent on the area of your garden).

  1. Buy extras. For all types of water devices you choose to buy, add a few extra poles and nozzles as these will be essential for maintaining your system and adjusting and optimizing your water flow once the installation is complete.
  2. Install. Now that you have everything you need to start your installation, find your main water supply and connect. A starting irrigation routine can be 2-3 times a week for 12-15  minutes and you can adjust this as you monitor how your plants are responding. 

WIth your irrigation system installed, your spring garden is now set to flourish and you can add a sense of botanical serenity to your yard and wow your visitors too!


As a local irrigation supplier, Waterware recommends the DIY irrigation system because ‘every drop counts.’ It’s a reliable convenience for all seasons – even the just-ended winter.

Wherever you are in South Africa, get in touch with us for assistance with all your irrigation needs!

PS – We have some good news. We are having the Grand Opening of our Centurion branch this September. Be sure to visit us!