Identifying Common Plumbing Problems at Home

Plumbing problems

As “every drop counts” at Waterware, “every leak or drip” brings a tear to our eyes. This topic needs no introduction. The preciousness and conservation of our planet and resources are vital, with water wastage often in the spotlight and headlines. And let’s face it, a plumbing problem that catches up with you can disrupt your plans for the evening. 

Don’t we all remember a late night with a burst geyser plumbing problem and the entire family mopping up the hallway? (Open up the closets and out with every old towel you can find). Such memories and they weren’t of the fun, splishy-splashy kind either! 

And if it’s just a water plumbing issue,  you can still count yourself lucky. Because the alternative… well, we really don’t want to go there! Let’s just say that things can go wrong and escalate pretty quickly as far as domestic plumbing problems go. 

Plumbing is a highly specialised profession and not something that we expect every household to know the nitty-gritty of. However, it is important to be aware of the warning signs that something is not flowing correctly at home. If you notice any, or a combination of the below issues, get into proactive maintenance mode and investigate further.

13 Reasons why your plumbing probably needs attention: 

  1.  Your water pressure is low.
  2.  The geyser backflow spurts a continuous stream of water.
  3.  You have dark/brown/green/grey spots on the ceiling.
  4.  Peeling paint or wallpaper.
  5.  Your municipal water bills are higher than usual.
  6.  Pipes rattle from beneath the floors, within walls or above ceilings.
  7.  The toilet or shower drain gurgles occasionally.
  8.  A bad smell catches your attention from bathroom or kitchen drains.
  9.  Pavement sinkholes/cracks or lawn indentations
  10.  Backup flows of any kind.
  11.  Your drains run empty, slower than usual.
  12.  Mould is evident beyond the shower floor
  13.  You notice lusher patches of lawn outside. 

Rely on expert investigation

Beyond the checks you can do yourself, we do not advise climbing or falling into manholes or going all The Shawshank Redemption on yourself. There are professionals and designated municipal authorities that can assist you to tackle and alleviate the problem. Pinpointing leaks may also require various kinds of plumbing tools and contraptions and auditory technology that may extend beyond the range of a rake stuck down the same said municipal manhole. 

Remember that years of rain, drainage and fallen foliage from the changing seasons could create a build-up that places serious pressure on your current pipes and fittings. This is why regular maintenance and checks are essential for every household to mitigate against unwanted plumbing issues.

Your trusted, local plumbing materials supplier

Don’t wait until it sprays you in the face. Waterware supplies a market-leading range of plumbing accessories, pipes, vents & compressive fittings. Brass, Galvanized or PVC – our standards withstand the elements and are the professional solution to multiple household plumbing problems.

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