Signs that your pool pump needs replacing

Pool pumps

They say that summer bodies are made in winter. All those early morning workouts – dragging your bitterly cold, semi-conscious body out of bed on a freezing August Monday – in the quest for a sleek (or chiselled) physique when the next summer season rolls around. As winter rears its head and tightens its icy grip over us, there should be one more ritual for you to take care of before we all cocoon into blanket dwellers:  checking your pool pump and ensuring that it is in perfect condition to switch back on in the warmer months.

To assist you in this sometimes murky task, we have outlined a number of signs you should watch out for when investigating whether your pool pump needs some minor repairs or replacing. 

Yes, it’s time for that oft-neglected annual pool pump maintenance check. Chances are a few repairs might be in order after a splashy season. And if your pump does happen to be in need of a full replacement, now is the ideal time to invest in a new water pump to ensure that you can jump straight back into a crystal-clear pool when summer rolls around. 

Signs of ageing on your existing pool pump

Much like a beloved Mercedes Benz or a tiring soccer star (with Cristiano Ronaldo being the remarkable exception!), your water pump will show signs of wear and tear over the years through continuous use. Perhaps you installed your last pump when the kids were young and much like your ‘now-teenager’s’ hesitancy to spring to life at the invitation of an afternoon dip, your ageing pool pump will also fail to kick into the same instant gear as it did in its younger years. 

The average lifespan of pump components ranges from 10 to 15 years. So, save yourself the hassle of increasing repairs, inconsistency and higher energy bills by calling in the pool pump experts and replacing your loyal, but tired, system with a modern one..

Horror movie sound effects from the garden corner

If you could use one word to describe the behaviour of a pump, it should be ‘constant.’ So if your pool pump suddenly starts competing with the diesel generator across the road during its regular filter and backwash, it may signal a serious problem. While many of these unbearable screeching sounds can be fixed with the installation of newer parts or bearings, it can also indicate early signs of pump failure. Just as you would be quick to seek a GP or cardiologist’s attention If you felt a sudden pressure in your chest, it is just as wise to treat the heartbeat of your swimming pool with the same care and attention. 

Coldwater pool Pump blowing hot air

You’ve cross-checked the line voltage, cleaned the pump, emptied the basket, and replaced the filter sand – every Saturday for a month straight! Yet your pump motor continues to overheat with an ominous smell of burnt wire drifting into your kitchen window. While this may require an expensive electrician call-out to rectify, it is another clear indication that pool pump failure is imminent. Avoid having your own ‘Cantankerous King Colin’ moment and cool down this frustrating episode by heeding the signs that your swimming pool pump is showing you the flames of its last tailspin. 

Waterware – your trusted, local pump supplier

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