Summer swimming safety tips from your pool pump supplier

Swimming pool safety tups from your pool pump supplier

Summer in South Africa is synonymous with lush green lawns, sunshine and swimming. And top of the holiday to-do list is pool parties and outdoor water fun. At Waterware – your trusted pool pump supplier – we are not only concerned about the ongoing maintenance of your pool and how to keep it sparkling; we are just as invested in making sure that your swimming pool does not become an accident zone.

As a pool pump supplier, we have access to pools of all shapes and sizes in Gauteng and the Western Cape. Although our expertise and services include a variety of pool pump brands, we are passionate about South African homeowners ensuring that their pool area is compliant with safety standards. 

Keeping the kiddies safe

Kids and water fun are a natural part of childhood. But according to lifemed911, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental deaths in South Africa with approximately 600 children drowning each year and 62% of these occurring in summer. (Fact: young children can drown in 6cm of water in less than a minute!). 

As scary as these statistics may be, there are so many practical and simple proactive pool safety tips to ensure that this does not happen. 

Take note of the following poolside safety tips for little ones: 

  1. No swimming alone: No matter how old your child may be or how water safe they are, this should be the non-negotiable #1 rule. There should always be adult supervision when kids are swimming. (Older children or teenagers, no matter how strong a swimmer they may be, should never be given the responsibility of supervising younger siblings or neighbourhood children). 
  2. Install the pool net and safety fence: According to The SABS (South African Bureau of Standards), SANS 10134 states: “Every private swimming pool that can hold more than 30 cm of water should be surrounded by a child-proof fence and also be fitted with a safety net or a solid safety cover to prevent children drowning. Such a net or cover must be fitted by an ‘accredited responsible party.”  Find out more by downloading the pdf. From a maintenance point of view, pool covers extend the lifespan of your pool pump as you can run the pump for less as well as keeping debris from clogging up the filters in the pump. 
  3. Insist on pool safety devices when necessary: Younger kids who are learning to swim need to use appropriate floating devices. (Make it a priority to ensure small children are water safe should they fall into a pool).
  4. Stay away from pool drains: As a pool pump supplier – pool drains are part of our everyday lives. But the opportunity for a pool drain to be hazardous to swimming fun is a reality. Always make sure the drain is covered as bathing suits or hair could easily be caught in the drain which can lead to drowning.
  5. Do the First Aid course: Accidents happen. That is why a knowledge of CPR and basic First Aid are invaluable in saving a life in the case of an accident. (Make sure any tiles around the pool area are non-slip).

Pool safety tips for adults

Each year, approximately 200 adults die as a result of drowning accidents in South Africa. 

  1. No swimming alone: This applies to adults as much as to children. Anyone can succumb to an injury (or cramp) in the water and be at risk of drowning. 
  2. Don’t drink and swim: This cannot be overstressed. Alcohol impairs judgement, balance and coordination, so sober up before you take a dive or dip! (Speaking of diving, never dive in the shallow end and always ensure that the deep end is deep enough for diving).
  3. Don’t play games: Not all adults can swim – so pushing someone in is never a smart move. Nor is pushing someone under the water in jest! Also, ‘holding-your-breath-under-the-water’ games could also end up in a potential drowning.  
  4. Do the First Aid course: As with children, accidents happen. That is why a knowledge of CPR and basic First Aid are invaluable in saving a life in the case of a swimming or poolside emergency. 

Waterware – your pool pump supplier

Poolside safety tips aside, a green, murky or algae-filled pool is not likely to induce any summer swimming fun. That is where our Waterware expertise and imported pool pump brands come in. Need to know if your pool pump needs replacing? Take note of the tell-tale signs here.

Stay safe and make sure your pool or spa are ready for the summer months by contacting us or visiting us, instore, at any of our branches in Gauteng & the Western Cape.

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